Creative Management Associates are Rob Goffee & Gareth Jones

Our origins

We are two sociologists fascinated by the world of work and organisations. We have worked together for 30 years.

During that time we are fortunate to have worked with several of leading business schools around the world – including London Business School, Insead, IE and AGSM.

Our experiences

Rob has led executive education activities at London Business School as Deputy Dean, directed major programmes, run an innovation research centre and chaired the organisational behaviour department. Gareth has combined several senior faculty positions at the top European business schools with top corporate roles – as Global HR Director for Polygram and HR Director for the BBC.

Our work

Our focus is on leadership, creativity, culture and change. Our consulting is at senior levels – helping, for example, with organisation development and board assessments. We deliver major conference presentations. With our associates we organise workshops and provide coaching.

Our research

We have published extensively and our books are available in many languages around the world. Our leadership books are established best sellers and our articles have won prizes – most notably two McKinsey awards for Harvard Business Review contributions.

Our clients

We have worked with leading corporations all over the world – private and public; new ventures and long established.